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SEO, Link Building & Penguins

penguin2Penguins – let’s face it – are really cute.

They’re cute when Morgan Freeman narrates their journey across the ice.

They’re adorable when they represent the awesomeness of an operating system that is not Windows.

They are cute, no matter what.

They’re even cute if they’re the (relatively) new search algorithm roll-out from Google that just might topple your page ranking.


Released in April 2012 and updated a couple of times since, the Penguin Update (article with key points laid out by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land) is Google’s search algorithm targeting web spammers who violate quality guidelines as they relate to web design and SEO. Some of this web spam I’ve talked about in recent articles (SEO In A Nutshell and SEO: Hows, Whats & No Nos), but what it amounts to is Google is cracking down harder on SEO tactics that are more for the strict purpose of amplifying rankings and not for the benefit of the consumer.

Danny Sullivan’s article lays it all out very eloquently.

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