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Thank you, Google-Free-Listing Scammers… 2

head-explodeThis is what you hear:

“Our records show that you have not updated your free Google listing….”

This is what they are really saying:

“Even though I’m not affiliated with Google at all, I will continue to call this number over and over and over again until someone falls for my scam, I drive you insane or your head explodes – whichever comes first.  And really, I couldn’t care less. Press 9 to be ignored and press 1 to be scammed even further.”

Thank you, Google-Free-Listing-Scammers-who-are-in-no-way-affiliated-with-Google  for calling my phone from a different spoofed number Every. Single. Day.

Thank you for not really taking me off the list when I foolishly press 9.

Thank you for your feeble attempts to get my credit card number and/or subscribe to some over-rated SEO package.

Thank you for the unwavering faith that you have in the poor people you will manage to scam and the money you will get from them that you will use to take a vacation with.

Thank you, for – you know –  just being you.


2 thoughts on “Thank you, Google-Free-Listing Scammers…

  1. Reply Kenneth Mar 21,2014 3:21 pm

    Yeah, I get called about three times a week by these scammers too. I have a running list of phone numbers from this company in my phone, listed under “Google Creeps” so I know not to pick up next time, but they keep using new numbers in different area codes!

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