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Google’s Mobile Algorithm – Are you mobilized?

rwd-devicesIf you’ve been paying attention – and I know you have – these mobile devices they have now are pretty popular… 😉

Pretty popular as in, “what’s a desktop computer?” popular.

As in, “Star Trek is so old school, the phone in my pocket is more advanced than Seven of Nine’s PADD from the 24th century” popular.

As an early adopter from way back, my view on mobile devices is this: give me technology or give me death.

mobileAnd  if you’re a business owner and if you have a website – the more you resemble an early adopter, the better. That little Mobile-friendly tag you’ve been seeing on Google search results has been around since late last year, but Google’s new “Mobile Friendly Update” (cheerfully nicknamed Mobilegeddon) just rolled out a couple of days ago. The effects of Google’s newest curve ball in – or perhaps more accurately, fast ball – could be anywhere from a slight inconvenience to website owners to devastating.

If new businesses are relying on their website for new clientele, they’re going to get overlooked by a significant portion of the population since, if the site is not responsive, or mobile friendly, any page ranking they have will drop in favor of mobile-friendly sites.  They won’t disappear from mobile searches, but it will be much harder for them to be found in organic searches.

If existing business don’t already have some sort of foothold and they don’t catch up with making their site responsive, they will certainly see a drop in site visitor access.

So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to update your website, maybe now’s the right time to give it serious thought.

Or maybe the Star Trek devices of the 23rd century (or the 24th century depending on your favorite ST frame of reference) will take all the worry out of website maintenance.  Eventually, I think they will, but until then, we still don’t have a food replicator that can make a decent chicken salad sandwich, I can’t beam over to Kauai for the afternoon for Rum and POG, and my website still requires me to code it to look good on my iPhone.  I wonder what it’ll look like when websites inevitably go 3D…   Hmmm…

For those of you who have no idea how mobile devices see your website, here’s a handy Google page to test your mobile-friendliness.

For more about responsive web design, have a look here!

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