What we've got here – is failure to communicateMonterey Bay Design

What we’ve got here – is failure to communicate

Top 15 favorite movie: Cool Hand Luke

Top 10 favorite line uttered ever: “What we’ve got here – is failure to communicate!” Strother Martin

This is not only a great line – but it also describes perfectly the state of inactivity of this woefully neglected blog.

It is languishing and I have no excuses other than a schedule that keeps me from it.

Even so, as I tell my clients, it is a vital tool in creating dynamic content and showing activity to the search engines.  You’re supposed to make time for keeping up with social media. It is part of the job, not just a social indulgence.

What can I say? My bad?

I’ll say that and this:

Calling it a job don’t make it right, boss.

Well, in this case, it does, but just ‘cuz it’s right, don’t mean it’s easy.

Bloggin’ here, boss.

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